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Spray Foam Insulation Lakeland

Approximately 40% of all energy loss comes as a result of air infiltration. This means that your desired temperature air is essentially leaking out of every window, doorway, and ceiling in your home. Spray foam insulation has been found to be a full 50% more effective in retaining energy than traditional insulation methods.

You did not read that wrong: 50% more effective! Through the simple process of getting foam insulation installed in your home you can immediately seal up the air leaks in your home’s insulation.

In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by getting spray foam insulation installation in your home, you can potentially take an entire 20% off of your current energy bill.

Give that some consideration right now. Take a look at your most recent energy bill. Imagine what it would like with that “amount due” number being 20% smaller. While you’re still trying to figure out what to do with that extra money, let us more closely examine how spray foam insulation makes a difference in your home.

Each building is unique in some way shape or form. There are always little nooks and crannies in a house which don’t even catch the notice of most homeowners or residents. In those same forgotten spaces, spray foam can begin to make a difference. By adding spray foam insulation into those odd little spaces around your walls, windows, and corners you are filling in the tiny gaps that less flexible insulation missed.

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Take a second and look at a calendar. Really though, go ahead, it’s okay. That’s right, its come time for those hot months and some of us aren’t exactly happy about it. You’ve felt the sweltering rays of the sun beatdown on your forehead. Your legs have felt the sting of overheated car seats. Maybe you’ve even had your first, second or third layer of tan settle in already (or sunburn for the more sensitive skinned). We all know what you’re feeling, because we are feeling it, too.

Chances are that you are already well aware what time of year it is. You’re mentally prepping yourself for every pool visit and light summer outfit your closet can hold. You have already accepted that this might be the year you compromise and settle for a higher thermostat number to avoid a higher thermostat driven bill. You feel that you are ready to take on whatever it is the muggy Florida climate will provide over the next few months. Every measure possible has been taken into account… right?

What if there is another option? What if there is another way to fight back against high energy costs at home. After all, a home is intended to be your safety from nature’s harsh elements. All of us want to come home to a cool and inviting space. Just as importantly, nobody wants to have to break the bank to keep it that way. It’s no secret that with summer comes a greater need to run the AC at greater length. However, the truth is that you may not have looked at all of the best alternatives.

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Spray Foam Insulation Contractors Lakeland Florida

Let us ask you this: when is the last time you took a hard look at your insulation? Hopefully, the answer is a literal “never” because your homes insulation should never be exposed to the naked eye. Unless of course you’re building or adding onto your home. But really though, when have you honestly considered the current state of your home’s insulation?

Home insulation is one of those things which is intended to be a “set it and forget it” part of the home. Generally, you’re aware of it, and you know that it is intended to keep your home protected from the outside and its occupants comfortable. How important can it really be though?

The answer to that: very much so.

Keeping Cool with Spray Foam

The laws of nature dictate that hot air and cool air are constantly at war with one another about who gets to stay where. Keeping cool would be all too easy if only there were some way to tightly hold in every ounce of cold air indoors. Sadly, that’s simply not possible and insulation is the best thing that we have to fight that. As such, if your insulation isn’t fully optimized to make the most out of the precious air we get, then comfort and money are literally falling through the cracks.

Traditional insulation materials are made of a mixture of materials that includes the likes of fiberglass, mineral wool, and plastic fibers. It is usually pretty easy to install, and some homeowners will even install it themselves when renovating or constructing their homes. Alternatively, there are other methods like concrete block insulation which is often used for more heavy-duty jobs and larger portions of a building. These methods have long been considered the standard used in most home insulation installations.

The question is though: do they work?

Well the answer is yes, but not as well as they should sometimes. People wouldn’t have even bothered ever using them if they were 100% ineffective. However, with the passing of time and advancement of construction technology, people have seen that traditional insulation has room for improvement. Fiberglass insulation can be easily damaged during the installation process and by wear and tear over time. When damage occurs, tiny holes develop which can allow unwanted airflow or infiltration. In addition to that, it has been found lacking when measured up against modern insulation methods in terms of energy retention within a structure.

Spray Foam Insulation Install Contractors Lakeland

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How effective is spray foam insulation?

The R-value, or heat flow resistance, is the primary measuring stick for determining how effective an insulation material is. Simply, the higher R-value it has, the better it works at keeping your home at the temperature you want it to be. When it comes to traditional material insulation, it’s primarily a matter of thickness. The more you add, the higher the R-value of your spaces, but that comes with plenty of hassle and stress. Then it becomes a matter of gutting your home and replacing wall after wall to add more of this easily damaged material.

At this point, one must be wondering what the alternative is. What is the modern standard that construction and insulation experts are going to instead? The answer is spray foam insulation, and here is why you need it and why it should be in your home today.

Spray Foam Insulation Installation Service Lakeland

First of all, you want to know what it is. This material starts out as a liquid foam, which is applied by spraying it into the desired portion of your home that you want to insulate. Once the foam has dried and solidified it creates a barrier which traps in air. The spray foam becomes an air sealant and what that means for you is that the cool air you want is now locked in tighter than it has ever been in the past.

Energy Loss From Poor Insulation

Now, you’re probably thinking bigger than just a few small, forgotten corners. You want to know what kind of heavy lifting that this spray insulation can do.

Well… look up! Quickly! You see that ceiling right above you? That is where 45% of all of your home’s energy leaks out from.

With foam insulation installed in your ceiling, you are fortifying those air-loss centers which do the most damage on your energy bill. You can’t forget folks, nearly 50% of every American’s energy bill consists of their air-conditioning usage.

Just consider the difference a single visit from a team of attic insulation installers could make. As if that weren’t enough, spray insulation has been proven to reinforce roofs and make them even sturdier against the elements.

Not only are you making a dent in your energy bill, you’re potentially saving on long term re-roofing costs. Seeing that a single layer of spray foam insulation costs less than half the price of a new roof, you’re making a smart investment instead of worrying about a pricey repair.

Spray Foam Insulation Lakeland, Florida

By now, you have got to be at least intrigued by everything spray foam insulation has to offer. A quick consideration of the savings it offers has you impressed, but there’s still the big question of price. So, what exactly is the spray foam insulation cost?

When you find yourself ready to have that question answered along with the rest of insulation needs discussed, you come to Spray Foam Insulation Lakeland. The installation contractors and sales professionals at Lakeland Insulation are fully equipped and prepared to work with you.

We will work out a plan for you and your budget that will allow us to bring in our top-notch spray foam insulation contractors to your home and get work done fast.

At this point maybe, you’re wondering about something like long-term maintenance. You’re asking, “is the cost of spray foam insulation really going to balance out the savings and upkeep fees over time?” The answer is yet again a resounding “Yes!” and here’s why. There is no upkeep cost for spray foam insulation. Once Lakeland Insulation contractors have completed the job, it is done. No repeat visits, no maintenance costs, just savings and comfort.

Spray Foam Insulation Installers Lakeland

Forget Estimates. We’ll Give You An Exact Price for Free.

To get started, an insulation specialist will come to you and evaluate what you need in your home or building. Our highly-skilled insulation contractors and installers realize that, even a material as versatile and helpful as spray foam is, it isn’t a “one-size fits all” operation.

We’ll give you a fully comprehensive explanation as to the types of home insulation available to you. Then we’ll propose which type may be best suited for your needs and budget. We’ll even give you a full explanation of the entire installation process every step of the way.

Spray Foam Insulation Installation Contractors Lakeland Florida

Possibly the biggest issue an insulation contractor needs to talk about with their customers is safety. Spray foam, in either its open-cell or closed-cell form, is made up of a mixture polyurethane and CFC’s which allow the material to be spread easily and settle quickly.

These chemicals could in fact be harmful if inhaled or tampered with. Once the spray foam insulation has been properly installed it is safe, clean, and presents zero risk of harm. For that exact reason, Lakeland Insulation employs only highly trained installation specialists and contractors.

During the installation process the residents in the home will be asked to vacate the premises until everything is installed and fully set.

Additional Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

In case you were still wondering if there were any additional benefits to installing sprayfoam insulation in your home, then you will be happy to know that there are plenty. Let’s cover just a few:

Reduction in Dust & Pollen

With spray foam’s powerful air sealant properties, you won’t just keep air in, you’ll keep nasty allergens out. Not only are you going to suffer less from outdoor allergies’ hazy attack, but your home will look and feel cleaner as well.

Keep Pests Out

With traditional mat and blanket insulation, pest like mice can usually pick them apart and use them as bedding for shelter. Spray foam insulation denies them that opportunity and creates a nearly impenetrable barrier to stop smaller pesky insects. Almost nothing eats away at peace of mind quicker than little creepy crawlers.

Noise Reduction

Speaking of peace of mind, many of us want our home to be a place where we block out the unwanted sounds of an outside world. Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to host social gatherings and doesn’t like bothering neighbors with excess noise and chit-chat. Sprayfoam insulation has been proven to deaden sound along with it’s many other benefits.

Listed here is only a small sample of the numerous benefits of the amazing power of spray foam insulation. While you have a moment, take a time to read actual customer reviews from satisfied users of spray foam insulation.

We understand. Everyone wants to be able to treat their home well and do right by all who live in it. With that in mind we’re here to provide the best service for the best that your home can be.