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Cut Back On High Energy Costs With The Right Home Insulation

Your home could be killing your wallet! According to data from NAIMA, approximately 90% of all existing homes are under insulated. And if your home is one of those in the 90%, you are literally throwing away money every time you turn on the air conditioner (or heater, whenever that happens).

So, what is the proper home insulation for Mulberry, FL?

The proper home and attic insulation in Mulberry is spray foam. Spray foam is the most efficient insulation barrier for your home in this hot, humid climate. In fact, spray foam helps

  • Reduce energy waste
  • Decrease noise levels
  • Increase HVAC performance
  • Keep your home temperature more consistent

Analysts have determined that the minimum recommended R-value should be around R-30. But remember, that is the minimum. In most cases, the recommended R-value lands around R-60. Of course, the R-value you decide to go with will be largely dictated by your budget.

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In Florida, the attic is one of the most common sources of air leakage. An attic that is under insulated or improperly insulated can let in dust, pollen, dirt, water/moisture along with letting cold air seep out (and hot air in). In order to stop this, we recommend using a residential insulation contractor who works in Mulberry.

A local contractor is the best option because they understand the climate better than someone from another state. Understanding the climate can help them to ensure there are no problems with  your house insulation later down the road.

Insulation Installation Services

While spray foam insulation is the best attic insulation option in Mulberry, some clients prefer to use other options. Here are some of the other options that are available for attic insulation and/or home insulation:

  • Radiant Barrier
  • Fiberglass
  • Foam Board
  • Blown-In
  • Blanket Batts/Rolls

Radiant barrier insulation works by reflecting back roughly 95% of the heat on your home. It is thought to be able to reduce temperatures by approximately 20%. Radiant barriers are less expensive than spray foam, but are not applicable in all situations. An insulation contractor can help you determine if a radiant barrier will work for your home insulation needs.

Fiberglass insulation works by trapping air inside of the fibers in the insulation itself. This helps to get the hot air out and the cold air in (or vice-versa; depending on the outside temperature). Fiberglass is fairly inexpensive, but it lacks the same R-Value efficient of radiant barriers or spray foam insulation.

In order to determine what is best for your home, you need to contact a home insulation contractor that knows the Mulberry, FL area.

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Your Residential Insulation Contractor in Mulberry, FL

Ultimately, you shouldn’t just throw darts at a phone book for your home insulation needs. Instead, you need to give us a call at (863) 216-7042 . We are local to the Mulberry and Lakeland area and we understand the climate just like you.

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